Applications for ECO EXPO 2015


We would  like to inform you about the joint initiative of the Serbia-Germany Forum, GIZ Project Municipal waste and wastewater management” in Serbia and Chamber of commerce of Green  Serbia,   and   organization   of   the   International   conference   “Circular   Economy  and  Waste  Management:  Challenges  and  Perspectives  for  the  Republic  of  Serbia”.  The  conference  is  organized  in  cooperation  with  relevant  institutions  from  Germany,  primarily  with  the  German  association of recyclers –  Retech, and supported  by Serbian Ministry of economy, Ministry of  agriculture       and     environmental          protection,      Environmental          protection       Agency,       Provincial  Secretariat for town planning, construction and environmental protection, Serbian Chamber of  commerce,  City  of  Belgrade,  Environmental  protection  Secretariat  of  the  city  of  Belgrade,  as  well as other relevant partners and institutions.

The  international  Conference  will  be  held  on  19  and  20  March  2015  in  Belgrade,  within  the  ECO-EXPO Fair, in the premises of TC Stadion, in 32 Zaplanjska Street.

The  aims of the Conference are to initiate discussion on cost-effective resource management  through efficient waste management on national and local levels,  identify  sustainable financial  models to cope with requirements in the environmental protection sector  and promote  circular  economy as the exponent of sustainable economic development.